Total Solar Eclipse Pack Trip!

The last total solar eclipse that was on the mainland was in 1979 but was only visible in 5 states. The last eclipse to sweep across the entire country was 1918. This year we offer the chance to experience the total solar eclipse in some of the most popular scenery in the world. Yes, all of the U.S. will experience a partial eclipse, but it is not even close to a total eclipse. Come enjoy this rare beauty first hand in the remote areas of Wyoming!!

So….What is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon lines up directly between the the sun and the earth. The event casts a shadow over the earth, and darkness only happens in the areas visible to the total eclipse. The Eclipse can only occur during a new moon and doesn’t happen every new moon. If lucky enough, we may see the moon approaching the sun, but watch closely because the shadow is going 1,000 miles an hour!!

ok….How do we get to see this?

Our camps in Shoal Creek offer a great chance to see this once in a lifetime event in the beautiful Wyoming mountains. Although it won’t be the longest duration of time spent watching the eclipse, you will still be able to view it for more than 2 minutes from where we are at! As you ride on horseback into camp, we will show you some of the most sought after views Wyoming has to offer. You will arrive in camp where wall tents are your home for the next 3 days. Wood burning stoves will keep you warm and three meals a day will keep you full. All you need to bring is a sleeping bag and an eye for a total solar eclipse! Below is a link from National Geographic with some tips on how to view the eclipse the safest way possible! Please contact us for more info and act fast! Space is very limited!!