Shoal Creek Hunting Guide School

Extensive Hands-on Training for Successful Backcountry Enthusiast

Shoal Creek Outfitters is thrilled to offer an extensive packing school located near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We are able to provide a horse-based operation to learn the foundations of traveling though the wilderness with horses and mules.

Shoal Creek Outfitters has taken the month-long guide school and boke it down into four different weeks throughout the summer. Each week is a different level, building off the previous level our students have completed.

After completing our Packing schools, you will be able to understand the fundamentals of horsemanship, the different styles of packing, and backcountry trip preparation. We will teach you how to navigate terrain and pack animals properly so you can travel to the remote wilderness areas safely.

Check out some highlights from last year!​

This course will give you a good foundation in which to prepare you for your hands-on training at Shoal Creek Guide and Packer School.

Guide School Pricing and Dates

Level 1: Basic packing and Horsemanship, July 9th-15th 2023 $2,000 per student. 

Level 2: Advanced packing and Horsemanship, TBA

Level 3: Navigating terrain, recap of horsemanship and packing in the wilderness, backcountry cooking skills. TBA

Level 4: A Progressive travel pack-trip operated completely by the students, TBA 

We look forward to welcoming you on your journey to becoming a wilderness guide!

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