Wyoming Fly Fishing

July 1 – September 31

Wyoming Fly Fishing Trips & Pack Trips 

Otherwise known as pack trips, these excursions are fully customized and can include fishing, hiking, and of course, horseback riding through some of the most remote areas of Wyoming. We begin at the trailhead where our mules are packed with your gear and then head down the trail to camp. These trips range from two days to five days long (For a full experience, three is recommended).  Camp accommodations consist of wall tents with wood stoves and cots with foam pads. All meals are homemade and, except for the occasional lunch on the trail, served in our dining tent. Other amenities include a shower tent and outhouse tent for privacy and comfort while experiencing the great outdoors. Our trips provide the opportunity to fish the back county streams, encounter Wyoming wildlife, and see the remote wilderness of the Jackson Hole Valley. We recommend calling or emailing with any questions or concerns before booking. 

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Multi-Day Trips & Rates

Customized trips available!

Tin Can Park

July 1st- Aug 5th


$375 per person (Group of 4 or more)

Come ride with us through the south end of the Gros Ventre Mountains! Our camp is located right under Horseshoe Mountain, providing a stunning view right from your tent. Just a short ride from camp, we will fish for Cutthroat trout in our namesake, Shoal Creek, and take a horseback ride to the stunning Shoal Falls. For our more advanced riders, a trip up to Shoal Lake is a must, as we ride through rocky, steep terrain, and end at a beautiful glacier fed lake. The day can end with peaceful evening rides to enjoy the sunset on the Gros Ventre Mountains and observe wildlife coming out to graze during the evening hours. This camp provides many experience for everyone, including those who love to fish and those who want to enjoy horseback riding with some spectacular views. 

Shoal Creek

Aug 1st- Sept 9th


$375 per person, per day (Group of 4 or more)

Experience the camp that Riley grew up in! This peaceful camp is located right on the banks of Shoal Creek, where you can fall asleep to the trickling sounds of fresh water running steps from your tent. Great fishing can be enjoyed within walking distance from camp or a short ride up or down the stream. The Shoal Creek area provides shorter horseback rides for families or longer rides up to the beautiful Shoal Falls. With spectacular views of the Gros Ventre Mountains and The Wyoming Range, this camp is built for a relaxing getaway that you won’t forget!

Teton Wilderness

Aug 29th- Sept 16th


$400 per person per day (Group of 4 or more)

For the true wilderness enthusiast, this camp is located on the west side of the Teton Wilderness with a 12 mile horseback ride in. During your trip, you will see stunning views of the world famous Teton Mountain Range, towering roughly 7,000 ft over Jackson Lake. You will also be able to see the remote wilderness of Yellowstone Park with views of Mount Sheridan and Heart Lake. Being in one of the most remote areas in the lower 48 states, you have great chances of seeing all kinds of wildlife from elk and deer to grizzly bears (at a safe distance). This trip is a true backcountry horse adventure!

Gros Ventre Wilderness

Aug 9th- Aug 13th


$400 per person per day (Group of 4 or more)


The Gros Ventre Wilderness is a progressive travel trip that will take you on the journey of a life time. Over the course of 5 days, you will be camping in three different locations. We will travel on horseback up Crystal Creek to the head of the Gros Ventre River, over the Gros Ventre Mountains, and into Shoal Lake. From Shoal Lake, you will ride down Shoal Canyon to our Tin Can Park Camp. From there, you will return to civilization at the Dell Creek Feed ground near Bondurant, Wyoming. This trip is geared to the avid horse rider and outdoor enthusiasts! You will see some of the most remote areas in the Gros Ventre Wilderness, and although tired, you will have been to places that most people only dream of.