Wyoming Deer Hunting Outfitters

Wyoming Mule Deer Outfitters With A Track Record Of Success

We’ll Help You Harvest The Buck Of Your Dreams

Mule deer are one of the most exciting and unique hunting opportunities that the American West has to offer. Though deer are common throughout most of the world, the mule deer is generally bigger-bodied and bigger-antlered than its cousins, promising more delicious meat and a gorgeous trophy for your home. In addition, the experience itself of hunting mule deer is unique. These amazing animals reside in some of the most rugged and beautiful mountain country in the lower 48 – which is why you’ll want Wyoming mule deer outfitters you can trust to guide you on your hunt!

Where Are We Located?

Shoal Creek Outfitters is headquartered in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, near the world-famous Teton mountain range. This gives us easy access to some of the most coveted mule deer country in the world: the Bridger-Teton National Forest. More specifically, we hunt the high elevations of the Gros Ventre (pronounced “Grow Vaunt”) mountain range, which is famous for its big bucks. Our mule deer outfitters spend lots of time scouting the area and keeping tabs on deer behavior and movement patterns so that when you’re ready to hunt, they’re ready to go.

How Long Are Our Mule Deer Hunts?

To give you the best chance possible of getting the buck you want, we offer 7-day, fully guided mule deer hunts. All meals are included. Depending on deer movement and the terrain in which we find them, there’s a high likelihood that we will hunt both on horseback and on foot. 

About Our Guides

All of our Wyoming mule deer outfitters are locals who have years of experience hunting, fishing, and horseback riding in the Teton backcountry. Over the years, they have successfully harvested hundreds of mule deer and helped just as many hunters fill their tags – and have an unforgettable adventure doing so. They spend the off season studying the bucks that frequent the area as well as leading horseback riding and fishing trips. Because of that, they are well acquainted with how the local deer behave, giving you the best opportunity possible to succeed.

At Shoal Creek, we believe in taking care of our hunters. We never assign a guide to more than two hunters on any one trip. This ensures that you’ll get the personalized attention you deserve, leading to the harvest of your buck.

About The Area

The Teton Wilderness and Bridger-Teton National Forest are some of the most beautiful, isolated, rugged mountains in the lower 48. Though many Americans can recognize the Tetons themselves on sight, it’s rare that visitors to the area even scratch the surface of what it has to offer. Jackson Hole itself, like its name suggests, is surrounded on all sides by breathtaking mountains that, in another setting, would be stunning all on their own. The nearby Gros Ventre range, where our mule deer hunts take place, are a great example! They’re often overlooked because of their proximity to the world-famous Tetons. Their isolation makes them a perfect hideout for big bucks who don’t want to worry about tourists – which, in turn, makes them perfect for hunting.

Once you’re off the beaten path, you’ll find a vast expanse of pine forests, alpine meadows, cold mountain lakes, and prairie country – and deer love every inch of it! This area is also rich in other wildlife such as moose, elk, bear, mountain lions, bobcats, small game, bird life of all kinds, a variety of fish, and even the occasional wolverine.