About Us

  1. It is with great pleasure I welcome you to our website. My name is Riley Millward, owner and operator of Shoal Creek Outfitters. I took the business over during the summer of 2015 after my father's unexpected passing. I had the fortune of being raised in the mountains of Wyoming as my dad operated Shoal Creek Outfitters. The business,

  1. the lifestyle and the mountains are not what I do, they are who I am. It is my honor to invite you, your family and friends to experience the wonders of Jackson firsthand on a hunting or a summer pack trip. No matter which you choose you become more than a customer, you are an extension of our family.  

  2. I am a fifth generation outfitter and guide licensee in the state of Wyoming. My family settled in the Jackson area during the late 1890s after traveling from the Midwest by wagon train. The abundant wildlife and magnificent beauty were the keys to my family homesteading in Jackson. Their initial reasons for calling this place home are why I still do today.

  3. I am a permit holder on the Bridger Teton National Forest as well a member of the Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association and the Jackson Hole Outfitters and Guides Association.

  4. I am an equal opportunity provider.   

Our Horses

  1. We will provide gentle, sure footed, and mountain wise horses to carry you on your trip.  These wonderful animals are the backbone of our business and receive nothing but the best care. The quality horses we provide will ensure an efficient mode of transportation no matter your riding experience.


  1. Quality employees are the backbone of any successful business!  With the outdoors being a dangerous and unpredictable environment the success of our business is not only reliant upon competent employees, but so is your safety.  This is why we go to great lengths to find employees who are experienced  around horses,  wildlife and knowledgeable outdoorsman.